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Sustainable Style

Itinerant Clothing has been founded with the aim to provide sustainable clothing with a travel and outdoor feel. Thanks to our inspiring suppliers, we aim to provide clothing that is organic, sustainable and eco-friendly. We have focused on keeping this ethos throughout, with our packaging being compostable and our cards made from recycled materials. Browse through our site and check out the latest additions to our collection, and feel free to get in touch with us if you need any assistance. Happy shopping!


We Plant A Tree For Every Transaction

We want to give back to the world in our sustainability efforts as a company and therefore have partnered with Just One Tree. As such, we will be making a quarterly donation to them to plant a tree for every purchase made from Itinerant Clothing. Just One Tree do great work around the globe, planting trees in Madagascar, Haiti, Kenya, Mozambique, Indonesia, Nepal, Zambia and even the Ocean as they use a percentage of donations to also support their kelp regeneration project. We implore you to visit their site if you would like to learn more and see just how much work they do!

As we grow as a company, we will keep a tally updated each quarter so you can see as a customer, how your purchases help support the planet.

Current Tree Tally:


We appreciate every transaction and love that we can help the planet straight from day one!

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Sustainable Style

We make every effort to source our products to maintain the company ethos. As such, we aim for all of our clothing items to either be organic, vegan and/or recycled materials. This effort goes beyond the clothing itself right to the hang tags which are made from recycled paper. Please see individual items for material information and if you want to know more, just get in touch!


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our packaging is something we take pride in due to the materials we source to make sure our company ethos comes all the way to your door. We place your garments into a soft compostable sack for protection, fully certified to EN13432, before being placed into a compostable, recyclable and biodegradable postal packet. 



Sustainable Style Direct To You

With a passion for travel and a love for the outdoors, we thrive on new experiences be it across the globe or right on the doorstep.

We know the world is changing and want to do our bit to help, so being able to grow a brand that is comfortable and stylish whilst being as sustainable as possible from the suppliers we work with makes us happy for sure.

Our inspiration is taken, not just from the concrete jungles and incredible landmarks each country can boast, but from the rolling hills and glorious coast lines that the UK has to offer so close to home!

Founders of this company have had incredible experiences from sleeping in a hammock in the Amazon rainforest to a charity climb of Mt Kilimanjaro. Covid-19 did not stop us; it allowed us time to build a campervan and explore the UK further, with trips from the Norfolk coast to the South West beauty in Cornwall and Devon.

We want you to push yourself to explore and we want our clothing to inspire people to do more.